Berlin - Final Thoughts

Here I am in Berlin, it is my first stop in Germany and I'll be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I got a horrible cold from Ireland and was not feeling well by the time we arrived in Berlin. This being said, I pushed through and ventured into the city. Berlin is huge, like way bigger than I had thought. I only spent a few days here so I did not get to see everything. What I did see was a city that has much to offer. I didn't feel the magic that I felt in Amsterdam but Berlin brings a rawness to the senses. Wandering around I witnessed many strange faces and fantastic street musicians. Not to mention all types of Turkish shops, kebab stands, street markets and bars.

I also noticed that in Berlin you can walk around the city with alcohol no questions asked. So, naturally, my cousin and I grabbed a cold one and wandered the city streets as the sun set.. Berlin is an ever-changing city and at first, I felt a bit unsettled by all the graffiti only to find out that these parts of town like Neukolln, are not shady anymore. In fact, they are booming with young people and artists! I also discovered the artistic street art that can be found under the metro or hidden streets. There was a Turkish assemblidge artist I found who did some very interesting things iwth computer parts and various metal scraps. I have included photos of his work below. Here are some photos of what I saw in Berlin. Just because I was not in love with Berlin doesn't mean I did not enjoy it! Please have a look and tell me what you think. Thanks :)