About Me

I am a freelance photographer and visual storyteller living in Los Angeles CA.. I grew up in a house of artists. There was no TV, just love, and imagination, so I discovered early on that the eyes certainly are windows to the soul. Music, art, photography, and literature were the muses through which I was taught to look at the world.

God is in the details. My passion is about telling truth through photography, filmmaking and visual storytelling. I strive to connect viewers to the human experience in everything I do—especially in the small details that go overlooked. I have nearly 10 years of experience behind the camera and have been a student of all things film and photography since as early as I can remember.

I have a keen understanding of both film and digital photography and enjoy the challenges and creative process that come with both. In addition, I am a fully versed with video production from pre-production to post and am a proficient movie editor (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere). Whatever the media, I pride myself on being able to authentically and evocatively capture my subjects with meaning, mood, and emotion.

Whenever possible, I like to meet with my clients, get an understanding of what is wanted—as well as the timeline—and together develop a plan to make it happen. From there it’s all a matter of getting the shots in the can and waiting for the magic moments to reveal themselves. I am a free spirit and fun person to work with; I am always open to new possibilities to unfold. On location, I always aim to have a good time and keep everyone upbeat… because if it’s not fun, why do it? 

The most notable clients I have worked for are: Robert H. Schuller, the man behind the Hour of Power and the Crystal Cathedral; Dan Tocchini at Blood & Ethos (a training that helps people turn their obstacles into opportunities); Broughton Hospitality, a boutique hotel company in California; The Blairing Out Show, a celebrity interview show with Eric Blair who was recently on the cover of OC Weekly; and Palm Springs Life Magazine at El Paseo Fashion Week.