Austria - Final Thoughts

Flying from Berlin I ventured onward to Salzburg which is nestled next to the border of Germany. Austria is a unique place where every hillside and the small town looks as if it were meant to be in a storybook,not actual life. the hills really are alive in Austria and the sound of music is everywhere. I am not talking about the famous film, although there are tours for that, I am speaking of the beauty of Austria. The cinematic landscapes are glistening with
 inspiration and wonder. My cousin and I were fortunate to spend six days in this heavenly place at a BnB next to a giant mountain called the Untersburg. Salzburg has a wealthy history due to its valuable salt mines, and the oldest in the world resides an hour away in a town called Hallstatt.

I was fortunate to visit Austria during a yearly festival where everyone dresses up in traditional Bavarian clothing and heads to the town center to celebrate! The festival is held near the Dom cathedral in Salzburg. This church is breathtakingly beautiful in every way. When i stepped inside the cathedral I felt immediate peace. I let a candle and said a prayer for my loved ones. I must have spent an hour or so gazing up at all the works of art thought the cathedral. If you ever go to Salzburg, (religious or not) go inside this stunning cathedral. :)

Stepping outside the Dom I became immersed in Austrian or should I say Bavarian culture. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful outfits, second, was the giant beers people grasped in their hands. We are talking one-liter beers here people! I could also smell fresh bratwursts and pretzels around every corner. The food was not too expensive and one thing I enjoyed was the kebabs on the street. Think of a bread wrap filled with juicy lamb, topped with veggies and a tasty yogurt sauce. They reminded me of gyros but with lamb.  Austria was not the only place with kebabs but it was the first place I tried one. 

My last day in Austria was spent up top the Untersburg Mountain and followed by a scenic drive through Austrian countryside on our way to Hallstatt. Hallstatt is one of the oldest towns in Europe that has stayed the same since way back when. My cousin and I met a fellow traveler from the states the day before and decided to rent a car and drive to Hallstatt. This place is straight out of a picture book and I didn't want to leave! It was well worth the car rental fee and our jaws were down to the floor the whole time. If we had more time we would have explored the oldest salt mine in the world or possibly check out the ice caves under Hallstatt. I guess I'll have to do those things next time. So that was my time in Austria in a nutshell. Below are various photos from our stay in Austria and I hope they inspire you to take a trip to Salzburg!