Ireland - Final Thoughts

You don't need much to have a splendid time in Ireland. All it takes is a pint of Guinness, beautiful scenery mixed in with lovely people and you are bound to have a wonderful time. Ireland is a wondrous land full of legends and fabulous people. If you find yourself able to visit Ireland, by all means, Go! There is a mystic charm that lingers in the air in Ireland. This charm has got people being overly extremely friendly and hospitable or, maybe it's all the Guinness... My cousin and I arrived in Dublin on the 13th of September and the first thing we decided to do was grab some fish & chips from a local takeaway shop in Dublin center followed with a fresh pint of Guinness. This combination could not have been better. 

One of the greatest attributes Ireland has to offer is its friendliness. In my experience, the Irish are not afraid to make a new friend whenever given the chance. The people I met are genuinely friendly and kind to strangers and are always up to share a pint with you. That being said, the Irish have much more to offer than a lovely chat over a delicious brew. There is history here and you can see it all around. After Dublin, we took a bus to Galway and visited the Cliffs of Moher wich I have photos of below. 

We experienced our first rainbow in Ireland, followed by an incredible sunset. 

After a short stay in Galway, we made our way to Belfast. Now Belfast is technically part of the UK but many Irish live there because it was once part of Ireland, so today its known as Northern Ireland. That being said, seventeen years ago I visited Ireland with my mom and dad as a child. We were there for a month or maybe longer and ever since then I have wanted to return. Thanks to the powers of Facebook we have kept in touch with the family that put us up for a month in 1999. I wrote them explaining that I would be visiting again and would love to see them so, they offered to let my cousin and I stay in their new home for a few nights. :)

Our stay in Belfast was short and sweet. The night we arrived was culture night in the center of Belfast and it only happens once a year! It was a really fun time and I enjoyed the good brews and great music.  Overall, our visit was a wonderful experience and Ireland will always have a special place in my soul and I honestly was not ready to leave.  Below you will find images from my stay and I hope they make you want to travel to Ireland and enjoy a pint of real Guinness!