Final Thoughts - Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a magical place full of excitement and wonder around every corner. I would recommend visiting this grand city to anyone. Amsterdam is full of energy and there is something for everyone here. Want to stroll through the cobblestone streets at night and watch the city light up? I can guarantee that this is most enjoyable. While you are at it I would recommend taking a night canal cruise through the city as I did. It is quite an unforgettable experience. Though Amsterdam has many and I mean many museums, I found myself staying away from them and getting lost in the city streets instead. Don't get me wrong, the museums are some of the best in the world but I was just not very interested in waiting in ridiculously long lines. 

There is one major tourist attraction I do recommend visiting and that is the Hortus Botanical Gardens near the center of Amsterdam. The botanical garden is one of the oldest in the world and it was originally founded in 1638 as a herb garden for doctors. Nowadays the beautiful garden contains more than six thousand tropical and indigenous plants from around the world. Anywho, Amsterdam is a fun city and I had a blast people watching and photo taking. Hope you enjoy the photos below. :)