First Impressions - Amsterdam

After a ten hour flight from LAX and zero hours of sleep, I arrive in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. This city has a notorious reputation for marijuana, prostitution, and legalized gay marriage, for this is where the Dutch have stood for many years. The Dutch have been at the forefront of controversial change and tolerate certain activities that many other countries consider unacceptable. With that leadership in controversial matters, the Dutch have made their capital a magnet that's pulling people from around the world to this canal-ridden land. 

These controversial activities that one associates with Amsterdam are only a slice of what this city has to offer. There are countless museums throughout the city like the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, or the famous Anne Frank house. For my first day, I chose to explore and soak up the city through my five senses. I had no plan or agenda, just curiosity, and excitement! So here are some photos of Amsterdam from an American viewpoint.